Overnight Motocamping Class Bonuses: Discussions and demonstrations including, Night Riding, Tire Changing, Bike Towing, Gear Selection, Bike Setup, GPS Navigation basics and more.



Bonus takeaways
Beyond confidence, you may also take with you:

New friendships with riders having similar interests.

A little old west history.

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Upcoming training...

Get trained...

Whether you have just bought your first motorcycle or have been riding for years, Crooked Raven can provide the training you're looking for.

Riders of all skill levels:

  • First time riders
  • Experienced street riders making the transition to dirt
  • Experienced dual-sport or adventure riders looking to hone their skills.


Dirt Skills Course
Our two day course is the perfect way to get in some great training and experience your new skills on varying terrain under real world conditions.


Day One
The first day of training consists of demonstration, drills and practice to develop solid foundation of skills for you to continue to improve your riding.  Participants are encouraged to ask questions. Our goal is YOUR comfort on your bike.

Some of what will be covered during the first day of training:

  • Body positioning
  • Control Manipulation
  • Bike Ergonomics
  • Reading Terrain
  • Vision and mindset while riding
  • Energy Conservation
  • Riding sand and rocks
  • Safely ascending and descending hills
  • Dealing with obstacles

Day Two
Day two is where things get really fun. You will experience an all day trail ride encompassing all the lessons from the previous day.  The best way to become a better rider is hours in the seat and experience in varying terrain.

Day two’s ride will include:

  • Sand riding basics and practice
  • Scenic ride through the historic southwest
  • Time to test your skills
  • Instructor coaching and Q&A on the trail
  • Relaxed pace

Crooked Raven





Customized Courses and Skills Development For the more experienced riders.

We offer one on one training and tailored small group classes.  If you’re looking to to improve certain skills or riding certain terrain, we can help you be a better rider.  Please contact us for more information about customized courses.