Crooked Raven was started to present the history and beauty of the desert southwest to the public in what we consider the best way... from the back of an adventure motorcycle! Imagine what life was like...You will ride some of the very same trails ridden by the legends of the old west. See where famous and not so famous battles took place in the quest to tame the frontier.  Visit ghost towns and walk the same streets that once bustled with the day to day lives of gamblers, outlaws and lawmen.The occasional roar of gunfire, now silent... View ancient native rock art and cliff dwellings that predate the arrival of the earliest settlers. Ruins of stage coach stations and long abandoned  graveyards await your arrival. Even more modern abandoned history can be seen in the form of decommissioned nuclear missile silos. Amazing nature is also close at hand; stacked rock formations, desert scrub or mountain pines, seasonal rivers, waterfalls and hand built dams. From paved highways or mountain twisties to barely visible mining roads covered in rocks and sand. No matter what your interest or riding ability, Crooked Raven can deliver a unique and memorable experience!

Who are we?

Get to know your guide:

Keith Dishong moved to Arizona in 2003 and immediately fell in love with the desert southwest and began exploring it's secrets. Since 2007 he has been providing single and multi-day guided tours to some of the most beautiful and historic old west destinations. He is well versed in the history of the area and loves to share the richness and color of the old west. His years as a certified motorcycle and ATV instructor as well as former EMT provide him with the ability to handle anything that may come up on the trail.

Crooked Raven